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We have been asked a lot about whether travel insurance is sufficient if something happens to us when traveling, so that we can receive compensation, and should we also conclude an accident insurance?

Here we have explained that these are two separate topics, one covering the cost and, in another case, a compensation, but both are necessary and reasonable to conclude.

Travel insurance = reimbursement of unexpected expenses.

For example, first aid costs will cover an unexpected cost for a visit fee and medicines. Also, the cost of an indispensable operation, for example, blindness, etc., is also covered. Also, the cost of the post-operative transport, including the cost of a close person. Here the scope of insurance coverage is very large and it has become even more complicated (because the conditions are different, and the differences are also highlighted) and needs more precise explanation for you.

Thus, in broad terms, travel insurance is a subsidy, such as the EHIF’s principle of expense, but the scope of insurance cover for a travel insurance contract is significantly higher as travel insurance also involves the cost of unexpected transport costs, etc. Applies only when traveling (ie not valid in Estonia).

Accident Insurance = financial compensation and applies worldwide, including in Estonia.

This is our help to paint a simple and clear picture of how you can enjoy the purpose of the trip while relaxing and not overburdening yourself with the worsening conditions. By negotiating with us and by concluding a suitable agreement with us, we have found for you an essential and necessary protection and agreement with the terms of the agreement.

When you encounter a loss event, you always have a question about what to do and where do I have to call?

By concluding a suitable travel insurance contract through us, we can help you at the most urgent time and our specialists will advise you how to follow the nature of the event and with whom to contact further.

In practice, there are many examples of how we have saved people from very difficult situations. Here, unknowingly, unexpected additional costs can be incurred in a way that companies do not compensate. For example, it is unknown with the agency to reach agreement on whether the acne surgery should be done in a public hospital or in private hospitals, etc., i.e. the situation on which the policyholder usually does not come and can not behave according to the assessment of the situation. Therefore, an incorrect decision made by itself may result in the fact that the expenses incurred by the agency will not be reimbursed.

Because the terms and conditions for reimbursement are different and the policyholders also differ in the purpose of the trip, ask for a bid from us!

When traveling to a dangerous area or, in some cases, an error occurs, for example, in the US customs control, we will map the risks by concluding the agreement with us and immediately notify the policyholder that the contract is excluded and which must be taken into account when traveling while minimizing the unexpected errors.

Our specialists explain the insured interest, we evaluate the insurance risk at the destination and, accordingly, we find more suitable conditions, compensation limits and a payment offer.

We will then give you an overview of the most appropriate insurance coverage and we will be able to enter into a suitable contract, which is the most helpful for the policyholder while traveling.

For example, when you travel with your family for rest and do not do anything else, like visit cultural events, get acquainted with sightseeing, take pictures, sunbathe on the beach, or you do not have a clear connection with physical work or extremes, then it’s a holiday vacation, and according to the convention, the so-called standard rate applies.

However, if you are going to do extreme sports, for example, diving, climbing, parachute jumping, and other areas that go from the purpose of the regular trip, then I certainly do not have to pay an agreement on vacation rates.

If you have a physical job or a sporting goal, it is wise to be sure of contracting these risks by noting them in the contract. For that, you will receive an additional payment, but, for example, when something happens at work, it is much easier to get compensation if you purchase a contract with the right risks while traveling.

Because if in reality something (fatal) as a result of extreme events happens, you can cause proper confusion and headache in dealing with losses and getting compensation for your loved ones. A well-paid compensation may also be left out if the risk is intentionally misidentified and evaluated. It is certainly important to keep in mind the real purpose of the trip.

We also provide for the management of contracts in order to ensure a consistent insurance coverage for the insurance object:

So, be careful that there is a valid Retirement Insurance contract.

It is a much more convenient and secure way to not forget about the timely extension of the contract so that you send us the details of your insurance object and enter into an agreement with us at the appropriate terms and conditions.

So you can be sure that at the end of this contract, we will remind you in a timely manner and send an e-mail to new comparative bids and extend the new agreement upon request of the policyholder. Therefore, you do not always have to keep in mind the policyholder for the termination of the contract and the obligation to extend is already