Easy and affordable way to insure everything that’s Dear to you!


As a new product we can offer active leisure insurance coverage!

Whether you are driving on roller skates, skateboards, wakeboards or snowboards, surfing or doing other sports, either in winter or summer, we will ensure you, your lifestyle and equipment!

Your hobby is active and you know that no one is protected for the unexpected – the equipment will inevitably be damaged in the event of an accident. It should also be remembered that thieves always use the opportunity to grab equipment left unattended! No one can rule out such unforeseen situations, but we can protect you from unforeseen costs that will help you get back to your favorite sport more quickly.

Active leisure policy – this is your airbag all over the Baltics!

Choose an appropriate policy for only 39 or 49 euros a year! Depreciation is 0 EUR for each type of insurance.

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The active leisure policy includes three main types of insurance coverage:

We assure you of your sporting equipment (includes the following risks: complete destruction of the equipment or theft, damage, including fire or natural disaster);

We assure you (includes the following risks: pain, expenses for treatment everywhere in the Baltics, disability, death),

We will assure you of liability if you cause damage to others or their property in the event of an accident.

If you are engaged in an active hobby, you know that nobody is protected from unexpected things. Also, the purchased equipment can not be protected from an accident, as they will inevitably be damaged as a result of falling. It should also be remembered that thieves always use the opportunity to grab unoccupied property! No one can rule out such unforeseen situations, but we can protect you from unforeseen costs that will help you quickly return to your favorite sport.

The offer is valid for physical persons and does not apply to professional sportsmen in the event of participation or training. Also, the offer for the following sports equipment will not be extended: hockey clubs, roller coasters and sailboats, if the damage amounts to less than 10% of the sail cost. The insurance coverage does not apply to activities that include jumps from heights, motor racing, motor sports, martial arts, scuba diving, sailboats, parasailing, ski racing, freestyle, BMX stunts or cycling trips.


Easy and affordable way to secure everything that is dear to you!

Send us your question about the insured interest, or send an email to, and we can help you further in the future because the broker stands for the interests of the policyholder.

Accident insurance is defined by different companies and insurance risks as well, we will not waste your precious time, but we can describe how we can be useful here in the contract process. We are quite often asked if travel insurance is sufficient if something happens to us in order to receive compensation? Then we have explained that these are two separate topics, but both are essential and reasonable to conclude. 

Travel insurance = reimbursement of unexpected expenses, such as first aid costs, operating expenses, etc. Applies only when traveling (i.e. not valid in Estonia).

Accident Insurance = financial compensation and applies worldwide, including in Estonia. Due to the fact that the terms of the accident insurance are different, the compensation principles and insurance premiums are different, and because of the identity of the policyholder, all people have different source data and insurable interest, then the easiest way is to ask for a bid from us! 

The contract provides the insurance feeling that if there is something unexpected about an insured person at the time of the contract, i.e., there is an insurance risk as a result of an accident, according to the nature of the insurance risk and the current agreement, the financial compensation paid to the insured person by the insurance company will be made. Since the options and prices for accident insurance are very different, we recommend contacting our specialists who will look at the insurance offer you offer and it’s free. By concluding our loss of the necessary contract, we can always be in touch and provide support. If you have also entered into a valid contract with us, it is a much more convenient and secure way to not forget about the timely extension of the contract, so that you send us your insurance benefit, that is, the policyholder and the insurance object. By concluding an agreement with us at suitable conditions and at the price, insurance law aid is also free of charge under the contract. At the end of the contract, the policyholder will be contacted, the data will be mapped again and any changes that will be made. Again, the offer of comparative societies will be presented, we will talk about the conditions and changes in the insurance period under the conditions of the societies and we can renew the contract again safely!