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Send us your insured interest through a questionnaire next to you, or complete the Home Assurance application and send it to and we can help you further in the future, and the broker will stand for the policyholder’s interests.

We will deal with home insurance if you are purchasing / renting your own home, or you want to secure your existing housing and movable property.

Here, the expected relationship between the policyholder is that in the event of the conclusion of home insurance at the most affordable price, and if something happens, you want to be sure that the companies will still be compensated for the unexpected damage resulting from the home insurance contract, the terms and conditions of compensation, and the compensation policy.

Perhaps, as a rule, the policyholder wants the most affordable contract as well as the widest range of insurance coverage.

In order to be able to restore the loss to the state before the loss event that is suddenly discovered, it is necessary  p.1 for the right risk assessment and p2. communication between us and the policyholder.

In practice, in this case, the most unexpected event is the most common occurrence.

It is a very emotional and mental fact to find in our work exactly the specific and appropriate compensation conditions for each policyholder and the contract of a suitable society, as all circumstances and conditions for compensation are different. It’s simply not possible for a computer to properly assess the risk of an insurance risk.

Therefore, direct communication between us and the policyholder, as well as the forwarding of reliable information by the policyholder to the insurance object, provides a clear basis for the conclusion of a proper home insurance contract and also compensation for damage.

Home insurance is a type with different reimbursement policies. Therefore, if you enter into a home insurance contract through us, we first map out the risk data for the insured interest and the insurance object, and only then can we inspect the insurance contract for terms and conditions that are in accordance with your insurance interest and the insurance policy.

We also provide for the management of contracts in order to ensure a consistent insurance coverage for the insurance object:

So, be careful to have a valid home insurance contract.

It is a much more convenient and secure way to not forget about timely renewal of a home insurance contract by sending us your insurance information and concluding a contract with us at a reasonable price and terms.

So this way you can be sure that at the end of this contract, we will remind you in a timely manner and send an e-mail to the new comparative bids and extend the new agreement upon request of the policyholder. Therefore, you do not always have to keep in mind the termination of the contract and the obligation to extend is already our work.