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Why sign a motor insurance contract through us?

There is definitely a helping hand in finding a better deal, but we also give you the confidence that if anything unexpected happens, you can call us immediately as our customer.

At the time of an accident, people are usually in a mild affective state, depending on the severity of the incident. Practice has shown that an unexpected situation requiring quick advice and a solution will give rise to further procedural problems for policyholders if they are left alone on their own issues. Also, those tips that have remained superficial, that is, the advisor has not understood the policy consequences of the policyholder.

Therefore, through communication we minimize the negative legal consequences and we offer the opportunity to call at any time when help is most needed!

If you buy motor insurance through the Internet and communicate through your computer, then the insurance law problem i.e. Communication problem stays in the air ?!

This means that our customer relationship has become a close contact and not with a computer, but subjectively as a specialist! So, there is a direct contact to whom to call immediately, for example, on a Friday night, on Saturday, or just when the aid is most needed!

The motor insurance contract must be concluded for each vehicle that is in the ARK for the account and participates in traffic on the whole territory of Estonia, including both on-road traffic and off-road.

Motor third party liability insurance is by nature a liability insurance contract and helps in case of unexpected damage caused to third parties by your means of transport. Consideration must also be given to exclusions because, according to the principles of liability insurance and the terms of the contract, the damage caused to the self family members is not compensated.

The obligation to enter into motor third party liability insurance arises from the currently valid Motor Third Party Liability Insurance Act pursuant to § 3 section 1.2.2.

Lg9 Traffic Act § 33 and § 81 and § 262 lg7 stipulates that the motor insurance under the Law on insurance covered by the obligation of such a vehicle in traffic used, that does not have obligatory traffic insurance or auto insurance, alert fine is determined.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to be sure that there is a valid motor insurance contract when driving. A much more convenient and secure way to keep track of the timely extension of a motor third party liability insurance contract is by sending us your vehicle data and concluding an agreement with you at the appropriate and appropriate terms and conditions with us at a price. 

So you can be sure that at the end of this contract, we will remind you in a timely manner and send an e-mail to new comparative bids and extend the new agreement upon request of the policyholder. Therefore, you do not always have to keep in mind the policyholder for the termination of the contract and the obligation to extend is already our work.   

The pedestrian protection (RT I, 30.12.2015, 27) is an illuminated version here This Act provides for traffic management on Estonian roads, traffic regulations, road safety grounds and basic requirements. This Act also regulates the use of off-road terrain vehicles. This Act extends to an alien who is staying in Estonia and to a vehicle registered abroad. 

The MOTOR VEHICLE INSURANCE LAW (RT I, 17.12.2015, 50) is valid here This Act regulates the compulsory insurance of civil liability arising from damage to the vehicle (hereinafter compulsory motor third party liability insurance), compulsory motor insurance against uninsured vehicles (hereinafter auto insurance) and responsibility for the management of an uninsured vehicle.