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How can we value you in assessing the risk of our liability insurance?

We evaluate the probability of an event occurring in Estonia, that is, the occurrence of different events in Estonia, ie the practice of losses and the nature of the damage, that is to say, in the probable probability of an unexpected event, taking into account all the vital circumstances (both in a subjective and objective sense).

Therefore, when assessing the insurance risk, we can recommend the most appropriate terms for the company’s contract and refer also to the uninsured area. But it is crucial to know, because the uninsured area is the one that causes the most disputes between policyholders and insurance companies. Perhaps the policyholder thinks that the case should be insured by the contract, but the insurance company refers to the exclusions of this case.

Therefore, for all insurance classes, it is definitely very important today to concentrate before the conclusion of the contract with the terms and conditions, limitations and exclusions of Liability insurance.

We also provide for the management of contracts in order to ensure a consistent insurance coverage for the insurance object:

Be careful to have a valid liability insurance contract.

It is a much more convenient and secure way to not forget about the timely renewal of the contract by sending us your insured interest, that is, the policyholder and the insurance object. By concluding an agreement with us at suitable conditions and at the price, insurance law aid is also free of charge under the contract.

So you can be sure that at the end of this contract, we will remind you in a timely manner and send e-mail to new comparative bids and extend the new agreement upon request of the policyholder. Therefore, you do not always have to keep in mind the policyholder for the termination of the contract and the obligation to extend is already our work.