To increase people’s awareness of the nature of the insurance brokerage and the nature of their work. We represent the interests of the client as an insurance broker. This is a very important argument as to why many people really get help from our service.


We look forward to your contribution in this process


By concluding contracts, communication is most important between the policyholder and us!

We do not want bad insurance experience for our clients. Especially when there is a risk of insurance or a loss event. Therefore, as an objective, we will do everything in our work to make you, as a client, a great deal of help with the contract as a policyholder through us! Therefor a peaceful sleep is guaranteed!

Easy and affordable way to insure everything that's Dear to you!

If you buy an insurance contract, for example, through automated traffic, or travel insurance via the Internet, and only communicate with a computer, then the insurance law problem, so the communication problem remains in the air ?!

At the time of an accident, people are usually in a mild affective state, depending on the severity of the incident. Practice has shown that an unexpected situation requiring quick advice and a solution will give rise to further procedural problems for policyholders if they are left alone on their own issues. Also, those tips that have remained superficial, that is, the advisor has not understood the policy consequences of the policyholder.

Therefore, based on our insurance law practice, through communication, we minimize the negative legal consequences and offer the opportunity to call at any time when the most needed help!

This means that our customer relationship has become a close contact with our team and not through a computer, but subjectively through a specialist! So, there is a direct contact to whom to call immediately, for example, on a Friday night, on Saturday, or just when the aid is most needed!

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 From 20.02.2017 we are located on the 1st floor of Toompuiestee 30 Tallinn, in the yard there is a possibility for parking for customers!

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