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The insurance brokerage, i.e. the policyholder’s interests, is already over a hundred years old in the world. However, brokerage activities in the Estonian insurance market are still relatively young, thanks to the interim Soviet power, when only one national insurance company existed in the area and brokers could not be formed.

During the re-independence, the whole society was activated and they became private-person-employees and businessmen in a market economy. Estonians are well-known and smart in their history. Therefore, starting up a business again required minimizing the various risks. The most suitable way to minimize the risks to an unexpected situation is to secure individuals and assets.

Insurance brokers evolved along with a rapidly changing market and today, a good insurance broker is working as a family doctor and lawyer. Therefore, today, most of the insurance market is not owned by insurance companies, but a large insurance broker company.

We were established in January 2001 and since then we have extensive experience in insurance brokers.

Since then the insurance market in Estonia has changed considerably, as well as brokers operating on the insurance market have changed, and this is especially due to the European Union directives and the norms in force in our Estonian legal area, the Insurance Activities Act, VÕS and other acts such as the Financial Supervision Authority, which have provided frames and story to fast-moving brokers. An insurance broker company employee is like a good wine, which is becoming better and more reliable due to the good work that is being done.

We do our work with heart and content and we are very grateful to our customers for their trust!


Through us, you can buy insurance products at the price offered by the insurance company, so the offer is the same as getting directly from the company. However, you can get away from the offerings of many other companies, which makes it easier to choose from a wide range of insurance options.

The most important selection of insurance offers is expert analysis and comparison, which gives a fairer view of the various offers. Based on this information, it is best to decide which bid is more appropriate. That’s what we are offering to you. We analyze the different offers and we recommend that the terms of this company, which correspond most to your insurance interests!

Our fees are usually included in the insurance premium and are public. So you can be sure that you’ve got the best deal and there is no conflict of interest with regard to giving advice and remuneration.

Optimal Insurance Broker Information Sheet

General broker agreement

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We are a member of the Estonian Insurance Brokers Association




Do you have a problem with damaged goods?

We will help you get a fair insurance benefit from the insurance company. Optimal Insurance Brokers are the first and only insurance brokers who joined the insurance agreement with ECsL in Estonia.

This will give you an additional guarantee that we will always follow the right and proper requirements.

Joining an Insurance Dispute Settlement Body gives our clients the right to dispute with our firm or the insurance company in the dispute with a conciliator.

In addition, a broker who is affiliated with the system and the agency is required to discuss the client’s complaint through the conciliator, with the costs always payed by the broker or agency, never the client.

 The conciliation procedure gives the client the opportunity to get clarity in the dispute and thus save costs before going to court. For more information about the conciliation procedure, contact the EKsL or Optimal Insurance Broker.

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Easy and affordable way to insure everything that’s Dear to you!

 Send us your insurance interest and we will help you find a contract with the right conditions for your insurance needs!

 By concluding contracts, communication is the most important aspect between the policyholder and us!

 For example, if you purchase an insurance contract, for example, auto traffic or travel insurance, and any type of contract via the Internet, and communicate only with a computer, then the insurance law problem i.e. Communication problem stays in the air ?!

As long as the computer can not be empathetic and does not think like any specialist in your area, as well as mapping the insurance interest, i.e., assessing the correct insurance risk for the policyholder, we do not recommend in the field of insurance law, which is very specific and constantly changing, only to communicate with the computer.

 Perhaps more cheaper milk can be bought at the store, however, not a cheaper car or insurance, because sometimes the best seller does not really meet the interests of the buyer. See, if you enter the car with a minimum price, which car you get from the market at the most affordable price. Do you want to ride it? Certainly there is no guarantee of it and it has been completely rusted. Fuel consumption and exhaust gases are also out of hand. Do not want that.

 Therefore, we will help you, as a policyholder, to think correctly in the insurance market and to behave properly before finding a contract with the appropriate conditions. Today, there are more than one agency in the insurance market, so the societies and conditions are different. Communication is extremely important in understanding the insurer’s real-life insurer’s perception of the insurer’s interest, in order to find a highly rational solution to your insurer’s interest.

 As long as the computer can not be more empathic than a person, send us your insurrection or simplified message and we will analyze the offers of comparative societies with you!

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